Monday, November 26, 2007

First Impressions

On my other blogs I wrote a review on the new eee PC, that my boss bought, and is letting me use. It is an awesome device, so i thought I'd show you guys a little about it. enjoy!

So, thanks to Metageek, yours truly is now typing out this blog on the ultra-portable eee PC. This thing is totally Awesome. I mean, absolutely incredible. I LOVE IT! I couldn't recommend anything else to a poor college student. Why? Because this fully functional laptopp weighs in at 2 pounds, and will onlycost you 400 dollars. When I say it is ultra-portable, check out the size of it in this picture:

That is it next to my ti-89 and my nintendo DS lite. It is incredibly small, yet completely usable. Now before you run off to the store and grab one of these things with your hot little hands, I probably should mention a couple minor details. The screen is only 7 inches, and the keyboard is cramped. But your hands will get used to it,. I've only spent about 4 hours on this thing, and I'm typing about as fast as I normally type. And for those of you who would love to have higher resolutions when you're not on the run, you can plug this into any standard monitor:

Yeah that's me snapping a photo of myself. The Asus eee pc has built in webcam, which is now compatible with skype video conferencing. Even though i don't video chat, and I probably won't use that feature, I figured it is a pretty awesome function that I couldn't help mentioning.

The thing has 3 usb ports, so you can plugin wireless mouse, or keyboard, jump drive, or maybe an external hard drive. Oh yeah, I might not have mentioned that this bad boy only has 4 gigs of memory. Which isn't a huge deal, if you're just doing documents, some pictures, and some music. Remember, we're talking ultra portability. You can expand them memory through the sd memory card slot, a jump drive, or just an external hard drive.

The operating system will be quite simple out of the box. They've installed a custom version of Xandros linux, and the actual windows look almost identical to windows xp, so you won't feel totally out of place. I'm an open source enthusiast so this computer is a total game changer for microsoft and even apple. (if you must you can run os x or windoze on this thing but they are quite sluggish so I read anyway).

It comes with word processing, database table, and presentation software comparable to word, excel, and powerpoint, which are free, and will always update themselves.

Overall impressions, if you're in the market for a cheap computer, you must, and i repeat you must consider the asus eee pc. It is a fun totally useful computer, that will impress anyone you show it to. this is totally a game changer in the laptop.

Thank you!!!

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