Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Simple Mode Frustrations.

I consider myself a beginner linux user. So maybe my input will have some meaning to those of you who are just now purchasing the eee. You're getting your feet wet, and you're discovering that sometimes software installs take you back to the command line.

Lame. I wish there was an alternative. But to my research, I still haven't seen a way of doing things the easy way, while maintaining Asus easy mode.

Why do i want to stick with the easy mode? Because even though the xandros set up looks nicer, I get so frustrated trying to navigate through the start menu options. Try using a super small touch pad and a super small screen to navigate and you will see what I mean.

The eee's gui is great simple, I just wish I could easily add my own installed software onto it VIA SYNAPTIC.

If you don't know what synaptic is, its cool, basically it is a library of anything you would want to install, you just click, and it will set it up for you automatically. That is probably a little too simple.

because somehow the eee is blocking synaptic, I have to look up the file I want in synaptic and then go into command line. This is really really dumb.

Even though i like the eee's user interface, as soon as they get those wifi drivers for ubuntu,... i'm so out of this, and you will see a whole new blog section.

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